Friday, December 27, 2019

关于产假产薪:4 ~ 女雇员每次可享有连续不少于60天的产假

[Female employees are entitled to maternity leave for a period of not less than 60 consecutive days in respect of each confinement]

1. 之前的文章写到,若要享有产假,需要至少22周【东马28周】的怀胎

a parturition resulting after at least 22 weeks of pregnancy

2. 请注意,马来西亚半岛在2012年的修订案,已经把28周改成22周了


3. 女性员工怀孕后,请注意。在预产期的四个月前,需要通知你的雇主/老板/HR

you must notify your employer of your pregnancy at least four months from your due date

4. 那究竟什么时候可以开始拿产假呢?

5. 您需要医生的一份信,以确认你的预产期

You will need a letter from your doctor confirming your estimated due date

6. 在准备申请产假时,请注意 Sec 37 (1) (b)


~ 最早 - 不可分娩的三十天前,

~ 最迟 - 不迟过分娩当天。

7. Sec 37 (1) (b),也阐明,怀孕的女性员工,接近生产时,如果无法胜任工作职责,雇主可以要求他在分娩的14天前开始拿产假

if you are unable to perform your duties satisfactorily, your employer however may ask you to take maternity leave 14 days earlier

【Provided that where a medical officer or the registered medical practitioner appointed by the employer certifies that the female employee as a result of her advanced state of pregnancy is unable to perform her duties satisfactorily, the employee may be required to commence her maternity leave at any time during a period of fourteen days preceding the date of her confinement as determined in advance by the medical officer or the registered medical practitioner appointed
by the employer】

8. (6) & (7) 是有不一样的哦:

(6) - 员工主动申请,产假可以提前一个月开始,也可以在分娩后开始

(7) - 老板要求员工提前拿产假


9. 说了如何:

~ 享有产假;以及

~ 申请产假

接下来,要说的就是产薪【Maternity Allowance】

10. 有权享有60天产假的女雇员,未必就有权利获得产假津贴【Maternity Allowance】。


The female employee who is entitled to 60 days maternity leave may not be entitled to maternity allowance. A female employee is entitled to receive maternity allowance only if she fulfilled 。。。。

11. 到底是什么条件呢?

12. 下回分晓

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