Tuesday, February 13, 2018

槟城 - 建筑也消费税攻略 (GST On Construction Industry)

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◤Seminar Title 演讲课题📣◢
☑Part 1 - 练习 Test Your Knowledge

•“供应”的成立For There To Be A “Supply”

•供应的种类Type Of Supplies

•税务代码Tax Codes

•消费税报表GST Return


•供应的地点Place Of Supply

•供应的价值Value Of Supply

•供应时间 time of supply

•建筑业 - 供应的时间Time of Supply For Construction Industry


☑Part 2 - 建筑服务消费税特别处理案例 Special GST Treatment

•标价 Quotation

•保留金 Retention Sum

•认证价值 Certified Value

•保留金 – 案例 Retention Sum – Case Study

•代付费及开支补偿 Disbursement & Reimbursement

•缺陷纠正 Rectification of Defect

•招标订金 Tender Deposit

•违约赔偿金 Liquidated and Ascertained Damages

•进项税 Input Tax Credit

•呆账与呆账减免 Bad Debt & Bad Debt Relief

•进项税回拨与进项税偿还 Input Tax Claw Back & Repayment of Input Tax

•进口服务 Imported Services

•免费赠品或服务 Free Gift/Goods or Services

•对销 Contra

•指定地区 Designated Areas


☑Part 3 - 附送 Appendix For Reference

•建筑业的一般运作模式 General Operation of The Industry

•范围与税务施予 Scope & Charge to Tax

•供应 Supply

•供应种类 Types of Supply

•税务代码 Tax Codes

•消费税报表 GST Return

•注册 Registration

•供应地点 Place of Supply

•供应的价值 Value of Supply

•供应的时间 Time of Supply

•建筑业的供应的时间 Time of Supply for Construction Industry

•税务发票 Tax Invoice

•退款单及索款单 Credit Note & Debit Note

•进项税 Input Tax

•进项税回拨及进项税偿还 Input Tax Claw Back & Repayment of Input Tax

•呆账减免及呆账回收 Bad Debt Relief & Bad Debt Recovered

•免费赠品或服务 Free Gift/Goods or Services

•雇员福利 Employee Benefits

•开支补偿及代付费 Reimbursement & Disbursement

•对销 Contra

•Updates On: Tax Codes & GST Return C 15👍🏻 .

报名表格 :https://goo.gl/A3hQhM

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