Saturday, July 1, 2017

【新书 (Mixed Supplier) 推介,抢先预购;7月7日,正式面市.】

东马的 ~ Wong Chi Tieng 和 西马的 ~ 十面埋伏联手出击,为大家带来最新著作 - 如何避免成为一名混合供应商(How To Avoid Becoming A Mixed Supplier):

双语版,全书共7个章节121页,销售价格RM 60 (包邮费)

This book is jointly written by Mr Wong Chi Tieng and Mr. Chin Chee Seng. To view the book content and place your order. The selling price is RM 60 including delivery charges. You can pre-order the book NOW.

抢先预购 - (有兴趣购买的朋友们,请按此键作出订购和付款)。

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