Sunday, November 27, 2016

指南修订:进项税指南(23.11.2016 - Guide On On Input Tax Credit)


  1. Hi expert,

    i am new in used car business. Would like to check with you guys. What is the differences for us to SELL COMMERCIAL VEHICLE when we purchase lorry (ex: RM10000) with tax invoice:

    1) GST included (RM10000 x 6/106)
    2) GST excluded (RM10000 x 6%)

    If the buyer is not a GST person. When we SELL, can we still using margin scheme concept ?

    1. Deissy koh,

      1 - Your sales will be RM9,433.96 (GST is accounted by you)
      2 - Your sales will be RM10,000 (GST is charged to your customer)

      If you are eligible for MS Scheme, you can do so for used vehicles


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