Monday, June 15, 2015



  1. Good Morning,

    May I know is it GST for Fomema claimable or Block?


    1. Tracy Goh,

      Fomema is considered as one of the medical expenses, therefore is blocked.

  2. Good Day,

    Q1. May I know is it GST accounted for imported goods bought through online website which the domain name end with dot com and it is not registered with malaysia? eg.
    p/s: Do i need to do GST reversed mechanism for behalf of them if the tax invoice was issued from Singapore?

    Q2. May i know is it GST accounted for imported goods bought indirectly (taobao agent) FYI, taobao agent is not GST registered ppl and issue a normal cash bill. Do i need to account for GST?

    1. Max Yeo,

      Treatment for imported goods & services is different.

      Reversed mechanism only applies to Imported Services.

      Your Q1 & Q2 both are referring to goods.

      When you import goods, GST is levied on the value of the goods (the total of the declared purchase price inclusive of transport or freight and insurance plus any duty payable) when the goods arrive in Malaysia.

      However, if using air courier services, relief is given if the total value not exceeding RM 500 per consignment。


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